More Engaged Memberships.

Stay connected to everyone in your organization. 

Stay in touch with everyone.

Walkie can help you keep track of members, make sure contact information and work status are up-to-date, and easily communicate to all members or segments. 

A single platform for your members.

Keep all documents and communication available in one place. Allow members to maintain their own work histories, contact information, and qualifications. 

Tools For Unions

Walkie is a platform that allows you to organize and motivate everyone in your organization. Create open lines of communication, and enable the success of your members.


Update members with production news, work opportunities, and anything else with powerful messaging.

Internal & External

Create a seamless connection between union administration and union members so maintain communication.

Secure Groups

Groups and hierarchies let you create secure collaboration for your organization and departments.

Privacy First

Members can set their privacy however they want, and everyone owns their own data.

Job Boards

Send out job notices to your members or post job opportunities to Walkie’s job board.


Know what’s going on from talent to crew to production. Make better decisions for your organization.

The Roadmap

Walkie wants to make things more efficient so more value ends up on the screen. Here’s what we have coming up.

Verify Tax Credits

Crew can securely add residency documents, union information, and qualifications. 

Schedule Integration

Production groups can set up, maintain and share schedules right inside of Walkie.


Upload, distribute and sign contracts for right inside Walkie. Keep everything in your production group.

Walkie for Crews

Walkie is designed for crews. Learn how Walkie can help you build a better career, find more work, and maybe take a vacation for once.

Walkie for Producers

From development through to production Walkie can help you stay organized, communicate and collaborate. It’s creative, fluid, and secure.

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