Put It All on the Screen.

We’re focused on developing and refining features that help everyone worry less so more value gets delivered to the screen.

Less time on administration means more time for creativity.

Film and television production has costs. Producers need to establish qualified crews, crews need to find work. There are tax regulations and communication issues. What if one platform could bring all that together?

A single place before, during, and after production.

Walkie connects crews at all stages of production to make sure everyone keeps track of the whole industry. Embed notes, dailies and edits. Share photos and updates. Keep everyone on track and connected.

For Producers

Walkie brings transparency into film and television HR and collaboration. Find qualified local crew and talent, collaborate during production, and maintain relationships. 

Powerful Search

Search by keyword and location to find experienced crew to fill your production needs.

Post Jobs

Other networks charge hundreds for job postings. On Walkie you can post as many jobs as you like.


Send messages to the entire crew or to individual departments. Use realtime chat to share ideas and stay in touch.


Keep scripts, dailies, cuts, and notes in a single platform. Walkie can provide one place for all the information.

Organize Crews

Set up production groups and departments to create shared collaboration spaces.

Keep a Roster

Maintain a roster of contacts that keeps itself up to date. No more crew contact lists or maintaining your own rolodex.

The Roadmap

We’re focused on Film and Television production. Here’s what we have coming up.

Verify Tax Compliance

Crew can securely add residency documents, union information, and qualifications. 

Schedule Integration

Production groups can set up, maintain and share schedules right inside of Walkie.


Upload, distribute and sign contracts for right inside Walkie. Keep everything in your production group.

Walkie for Crews

Walkie is designed for crews. Learn how Walkie can help you build a better career, find more work, and maybe take a vacation for once.

Walkie for Organizations

From Unions to Agencies to Production Companies Walkie can help maintain connections, streamline communication, and maintain better efficiency. 

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