Walkie helps crews get glued.

The tools in Walkie are designed to help people find more work, get work done more easily, and build better careers.

More connections mean more gigs, and better work.

Get your work year together and plan your future with Walkie. Create connections that can help you establish a stable career and deliver insight to help you plan for a stable career,

A working community for a community at work.

Walkie lets crew stay connected to friends, colleagues, job opportunities and upcoming productions. 

Features for Crews

Build a stable career, stay in touch with colleagues, and develop new skills.

Searchable Profiles

Easy to find means easy to hire. Add location, availability, credits, skills, education and work history.

Control Privacy

Fine grained controls let you decide who sees what – from totally available to totally hidden.

Job Alerts

Input your skills and location and get automatic job alerts any time anybody posts a job that’s a match.

Keep Up to Date

Stay up to date on your local market. Use your network to keep track of new productions, opportunities, and changes.


Use one place to keep track of everything. From your current gig to your next one, it can all be on Walkie.


Walkie’s events system lets you connect everyone. From meetups to wrap parties it has everything you need.

The Roadmap

We want to make your work-life easier. Here’s what we have coming up.

Simplify Start Packs

Add critical information like residency docs, union affiliation and more to speed up signing on to production.

Production Lists

New productions by location including production rumors and office contact information.


One-stop signup to clear contracts and agreements. Get invited to a job, and get through the paperwork in minutes.

Walkie for Producers

Crew up more easily, keep on top of production, and build collaborative production teams. Walkie has the tools for producers from concept to delivery.

Walkie for Unions

Walkie can help maintain connections, streamline communication, and maintain better efficiency. Give your members a single source for all communication and info.

Ready To Get Started?