From Script to Screen.

Stay connected to everyone in your organization. 

Connect everyone from pre-production to post.

Companies, agencies and crews can seamlessly connect and stay in touch throughout the process – from the first idea to the final cut. Walkie’s working groups create collaborative spaces for your whole production.

Maintain a single source of truth.

Keep all docs, data and communication in one place, cutting out the need to maintain multiple apps or internal systems. Walkie lets your data be your data, while keeping you tapped in to your network.  

Tools For Production Companies

Walkie’s groups create single-purpose collaboration spaces that can connect the office to the field to post. Easily keep everyone up to date, stay on top of changes as they happen, and maintain one source of truth.


Make sure everyone knows what’s going on using Walkie’s powerful communication tools.

Script to Screen

Build a story from development through to production. Walkie lets everyone above and below the line to deliver together.

Secure Groups

Groups and hierarchies let you create secure collaboration for your organization and departments.

Privacy First

All communication can be deleted or removed. When you delete a production group, all data goes with it.

Find Talent

Track emerging talent and develop new relationships. Walkie can connect people to create opportunity.


Know what’s going on from talent to crew to production. Make better decisions for your organization.

The Roadmap

Walkie wants to make things more efficient so more value ends up on the screen. Here’s what we have coming up.

Verify Tax Credits

Crew can securely add residency documents, union information, and qualifications. 

Schedule Integration

Production groups can set up, maintain and share schedules right inside of Walkie.


Upload, distribute and sign contracts for right inside Walkie. Keep everything in your production group.

Walkie for Crews

Walkie is designed for crews. Learn how Walkie can help you build a better career, find more work, and maybe take a vacation for once.

Walkie for Producers

From development through to production Walkie can help you stay organized, communicate and collaborate. It’s creative, fluid, and secure.

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