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Walkie is the ultimate collaboration platform for film and television production. Connect, set up crews, notify, message, share files, video conference and more. Desktop to mobile, pre to post.  


Walkie is the Collaboration Platform for Film & Television

Walkie makes it easier to get work, easier to crew up, and easier to work together.

Grow a Network

Set up your profile to share skills, education, and credits. Connect with people and build a network. Everyone on Walkie can help you with your production, your work, and your career. 

Assemble Your Crew

You can use your connections to assemble crews. Missing a key position? Search Walkie and find qualified, experienced professionals that can get your production rolling.

Work Together

Walkie’s work groups allow you to create collaborative spaces for crews and departments. Stop using different apps for messaging, file sharing, contacts, and notes – keep it all in one place with Walkie.

Crew Up

Walkie’s network lets you connect with local crew. Looking for a camera operator? Find them on Walkie. Need an experienced 2nd AD? Find them on Walkie. You can even post jobs on Walkie for free and let crew find you. Crew profiles are searchable and can include complete work histories, education, training, portfolio links and skills.

Build a Network

Walkie cuts out the noise and connects you to a working community of Film and Television professionals. That’s our focus. Each connection you add has meaning, every update you post has value. New productions can attract crew, and crew can stay on top of updates to their industry.

Work Together

Share schedules, files, updates and notes. Give your crew, company or organization a single source of information. Organize teams and departments into their own groups to create flexible online collaboration spaces. 

Get Together

Walkie has a complete events system. Plan wrap parties, workshops, meetups and seminars. Keep the film and television community in your area connected. 

Comprehensive Features

Walkie is designed to help crews, producers, production companies and unions by creating a single source for film and television work.

All of your work in one place.

Share work, get jobs, collaborate and connect on one platform.
A platform dedicated to film & television.

Ready To Get Started?

Too much too soon? Looking to onboard a whole team? Get in touch and we can provide a demo, get everyone set up, and even provide training. 

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